bio-regulator A320 Improvements

Work of Breathing(WOB)

Applicable Models:
1103470020 REG BIO A-320 NRX Yoke SV
1103480020 REG BIO A-320 NRX Yoke BK
1103470030 REG BIO A-320 NRX DIN SV
1103480030 REG BIO A-320 NRX DIN BK

Date of the Change:

Serial Number:
1st Stage: Yoke 220111~  DIN 220015~
2nd Stage: 2206034~2206040、2209001~

Details of Change

For 1st stage;
Partial dimension changes of HP MODULE 3100101115 and BALANCE CHAMBER 3100101103
Parts Lot Number: 220901~

For 2nd Stage:
Change" Diaphragm bio 2nd "
WT Type: 2100070000 > 2100070001
BK Type: 2100080002 > 2100080001

A list of information.

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