High-performance regulator that reliably supplies comfortable air

Forged material is used for the body and yoke. It is manufactured by further cutting high-strength parts that do not vary due to forging.

H.P. seat bio-360

The durability of this HP seat improves than conventional products. Furthermore, unevenness of the quality was removed by newly devised production method.
Quality control by the laser marking is introduced.

Double diaphragm system

bio-regulator has double diaphragm system for prevention from water leak and corrosion of the other parts.
Also, the regulators keep their function in the cold water, because those diaphragms protect freezing the parts.

Double diaphragm system

Dust filter

Bucket type mesh filter (Yoke type)

Bucket filter is able to filter more dust and rust of the tank than flat shaped one. Because bucket filter is bigger area of filtering than flat one, then, supply of air is much smoothing.

Poppet type mesh filter (Yoke type)

Poppet type dust filter is used for the 1st stage a-320 DiN type.

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