Fully fixed spring strap that dramatically improves fin blade performance

1. Quickly put on and take off

Automatically adjusts to changing conditions; no stopping to tighten down a loose strap.
Sturdy rubber grip with finger loop is easy to access, even with thick gloves.
Putting on and taking off is easily possible with one hand.

2. Fitting well anytime

The spring strap adjusts automatically to your foot and the difference of thickness of shoes depending on depth. You will never need to adjust the strap of fin during diving.
If you want to change the length of the spring, it is easy to do yourself. Spring with various lengths is available.

3. High durability

Durable stainless steel coil spring will not rust or break.
There was a problem of the strength lack of the mount portion with a conventional spring strap.
This problem is solved by a method to fix with modifying the main body of the fin.

4. Spring strap unit is mounted directly

A customization kit for changing rubber or resin fin straps to spring straps.
By processing your fin body, you can upgrade to a spring strap fin.
While most of the existing spring straps and bungee straps are simply hooked to the fin boss or attached to the buckle, this spring strap unit is mounted directly on the additionally machined fin body and fixed on the surface to surface with metal parts.

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