Lake Suwa region, the center of Japan precision Industry.

Made in SUWA

“bio-gauge” Residual pressure gauge with warning function, “ag-7”Residual pressure gauge with thermometer, “ag-21”Double diaphragm depth meter, and “ac-40”Compass that indicates the exact orientation even if tiled. These Nippon Sensuiki gauges and meters that conveying important diving information to divers, are all made by the one of Nippon Sensuiki subcontract manufacture specialized in gauges and meters, located in the Lake Suwa region, the center of Japan precision industry.

Large number of more advanced and precise gauges and meters are produced in this region.

The foundation of the precision industry originated by watch industry called as Switzerland of the Orient, that takes root strong in this region not only for major watch manufactures but also as local industry of the region, as the base to produce and supply high durability products in a stable manner with a high degree of accuracy. It can be said that it is very valuable Japanese assets.

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