Amazing propulsive power with small force

bio-fin is suitable for any type of divers, beginners and professionals.

How the bio-fin works

bio-fin provides lift and propulsion with less effort and more power.
Unlike old style fins, which "push" water up and down, the Apollo bio-fin provides power, lift, and forward thrust on each stroke.
The bio-fin directs water flow over the leading and trailing edges of the fin blade.
The result is lift and acceleration just as in an aircraft wing.

Fin stroke efficiency

The bio-fin is designed with a 20º angle to accommodate a diver's natural tendency to bend slightly at the knees in addition to the obvious bend at the ankle.
This angle is crucial to top performance and comfort.
The result is better propulsion and the least amount of stress on the body.
Apollo's choice of superior material and intelligent design provides divers with quick acceleration and the ultimate in power, speed, and comfort.

Ergonomic design

The new bio-fin works like a propeller, and is far more efficient than the traditional paddle style fins used by many divers today.
The propeller like design improves the fin's effectiveness while reducing the amount of energy the diver must expend while finning.
Speed, comfort, and maneuverability ... you can have it all!
Extensive field-testing showed that participants were able to reach and sustain higher speeds when using the bio-fin than with conventional paddle style fins.

We are particular about to use natural rubber.

We are particular about to use natural rubber.

Fusion Rubber

Spring strap model line up

We have a lineup of models with spring straps that fully fixed spring strap that dramatically improves fin blade performance.

The spring straps minimizes a propulsive loss and lets the performance of the blade appear to the maximum.

Benefit of Spring strap

Photo album, bio-fins are active all over the world.

bio-fin in the world

Voted "Best Overall" (2001-2005) and "Testers Choice" (1999-2005) in Rodale / Scuba Lab USA's annual independent fin review.

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