UV420 Cut

The multilayer coating on the surface of tempered lens cuts wavelengths of blue through ultraviolet region from approximately 420 nm.

It is widely known that light rays with ultraviolet rays of 380 nm or less are harmful for the eyes and the skin. However, recently it has become apparent that light rays in the wavelength range between 420 nm and 380 nm within the visible ray also cause deterioration and diseases of eyes, such as oxidative stress and reduction of lutein.

For that reason, cuts in this wavelength range is now recommended every where including spectacle lens manufacturers.

More stylish

The surface reflection of peach color is added to the multilayer coating、for further enhancing the bio-metal stylish design.
It does not spoil eye contact property underwater in diving since the reflection characteristics change underwater.
On the other hand, on land, it transforms your bio-metal mask to a more stylish and attractive mask in addition to the UV 420 cut.

Cautions for Use
Please do not polish the coating surface (the outside surface of the mask) with abrasive etc. Also, rubbing with sand etc attached may scratch the coating so please be sure to wipe off moisture with a soft cloth etc. after flushing with running water etc.
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