bio-metal mask Titanium


bio-metal mask Titanium

The culmination of metal masks for 20 years, now bio-metal mask Titanium debuts!!

Titanium frame

bio-metal mask Titanium employs titanium alloy as the material of the metal mask frame. Titanium alloy is known as the highest-quality and expensive metal that has the maximum specific strength among practical metals, about half the weight of iron, and excellent corrosion resistance. Small sized frame can only be realized by only metal frame both the breadth of vision and the field of three dimensional vision for both eyes are the number one in the world.

Free selction of the flange type

At a time of purchase, you can choose the mask flange type from type-A, type-B, type-C and type-D. The color of flange is limited to black only.

Features of flange Wide 3D vision with Metal frame

bio-AR lens and UV420 lens can be selected

bio-AR lens and UV420 lens can be selectedbio-metal mask Titanium has a lens selection from anti-reflective bio-AR lenses, UV cut UV420 lens in addition to the standard lens. Please specify when ordering.

UV420 lens bio AR lens

Carrying case

bio-metal mask Titanium comes with the exclusive carrying case which is extremely durable and waterproof. It protects the bio-metal mask Titanium from any damage during the transportation.

bio-metal mask Titanium / Owner Support Program

For those who purchased bio-metal mask Titanium, as a Owner Support Program, we offer a special service of replacing consumable parts such as flanges and straps free of charge up to three times in total within three years from the day of purchase.
・This support will be provided to those who primary purchased and registered to the Owner Support Program.
・Up to three times in total within three years from the day of purchase, flanges, straps, strap adjusters, and strap stoppers can be replaced free of charge.
・When replacing the flange, you can change the flange type to another type as needed.
・The shipping cost (round trip) of the product will be borne by the customer.


Frame material


Frame finish

Blast finish

Flange size

type-A, type-B, type-C, type-D

Flange and strap material

Silicone rubber

Flange and strap color



bio-AR lens or UV420 lens are available

Lens retainer

SUS304, Buffed finishing



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