Non-coated lens reflects about 5% of input ray per surface. This lens reduces surface reflection to a one-tenth.

A general mask lens without coating has a surface reflection of about 5% per surface. However by adoption of the optimized hard multi-coating technology used in cameras and eyeglasses, this bio-AR lens reduces a surface reflection of visible light down to less than 0.5% per surface to ensure a clear view. As a result, the light during night diving and the glare of the searchlight on the water surface are reduced, and the contrast of the field of view is also improved.

※ Compare of reflection (Left: conventional lens, Right: bio-AR lens)


● Reduce glare at night diving.
● Reduce reflection from the surface of lenses by searchlights.
● Increase contrast of vision.

For all military, commercial and leisure divers

It makes an eye-contact during diving more easy.

Many divers experienced having difficulty in looking at buddy’s eyes underwater or water-surface. This is due to the reflection on the lens surface of sky and or water-surface.

We have received many voices from divers and instructors that making eye-contact becomes much easier and comfortable by adopting the bio AR lens, which reduces reflection on the lens surface to one tenth of ordinarily lens.

We recommend to use this bio AR lens by all means not only for professional divers and instructors, but also for beginners and intermediate divers.

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