Wide 3D vision with Metal frame

Machined Aluminum Alloy Frame.

The luxurious aluminum alloy machined frame delivers the accuracy and quality without compromise.

The high quality frame material with a high degree of accuracy is produced by luxurious machining process, and the surface thereof is subjected to a plasma coating (part of bio-metal mask pro) or hard alumite processing ( aluminum frame) in order to much improve luxurious and durability.

Wide 3D vision with Metal frame ?First in the world (Design Patented)

The metal frame attains width of the center portion of frames as only 7mm.
It feels like a single lens mask.

Specification of frames

bio-metal mask TitaniumTitanium alloyBlast finishOptional instruments attachable.
The high-end mask in the world
bio-metal mask proStainless alloyPolished by craftsman
metal coating
bio-metal mask PREMIUMAluminum alloy
3D machining
Polished by craftsman + anodizeBrilliant colors lightweight
bio-metal mask
bio-metal mask
Etching + anodizeChic and silky colors lightweight

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