The bio- series, got the wisdom from nature, the diving gear that is integrated with nature in concept, it is a series that has continued to develop since its launch in 1998 bio fin.
For example, during the development of bio-fin, there were a lot of twists and turns to its shape and many prototypes had been created, however, the last remaining ones, became very much like the shape of the southern elephant seal tail fin.
Design of masks, incorporating a lot of ingenuity to make the lens surface as close as possible to the face, it has achieved a high fitting comfort mask in a very small inner volume. Smallness of the inner volume has brought a number of advantages, not only for easy to mask clear, but also ensuring the water balance and visibility.

We continue to produce durable and reliable bio-suits for demanding professional use. With bio-suits lineup, we offer unique features such as a waterproof suit with moisture permeability, a dry-suit made of highly durable coated texture but yet flexible for free movement and a contaminated water diving suit which seals and protect whole human body including head and hands.

Get the hint from nature, learn to nature. Repeat this to make a tool for blending nature while protecting nature. The basic attitude of Nippon Sensuiki diving machine can be found here.

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