bio-full face mask


bio-full face mask

Improved version of the export model!
Lightweight full face mask with the aluminum alloy metal frame.

By adoption of aluminum and resin parts, it realizes drastic weight reduction from the former bio-full face Mask Pro.
It is ideal for commercial diving as well as leasure diving.

Light weight

It weights only 450g, thanks to its compact profile, aluminum lens frame and resin communication and breathing ports.
Wide 3D vision with Metal frame

Easy replacement with various optional lenses

The twin lens bio-metal frame system enables lens exchange with various optional lenses such as diopter lens, polarized lens, anti-reflective lens, and etc.

Breathing in open air on the water surface

The breathing valve enables breathing while standby or traveling on the water surface before or after diving.

Communication microphone mounting function

The OTS standard microphone assembly for wireless communication can be mounted in the communication port without need of any optional mounting bracket.

Easy equalizing / clearing ears

Equalization / ear clearing can be done like normal diving mask by pinching the nose from over the mask.

Easy mask clearing

Water entered into the mask can be cleared out through the built-in water drain valve.


Dimension of mask frame


Dimension of mask flange




Inner volume


Material of mask flange

Silicone rubber

Mask strap

5 straps with strap adjusters (1 forehead, 2 temples, 2 cheeks)

Material of mask strap

Silicone rubber

Material of mask frame

Anodized aluminum alloy


Tempered glass

Material of lens retainer

Stainless Steel

Breathing port valve

Located on the left cheek. Equipped with a rotation valve.

Communication port

Located on the right cheek.
Equipped with a mic. dummy plug and a mounting bracket for OTS microphone assembly.

Drain valve

Located under the chin. Equipped with an activation lever.

Mountable 2nd stage regulator dimensions

The sum of the width and height of the outer dimensions of the mouthpiece mounting tube is 45mm to 55mm.

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